How to make vegetable stew with seafood: paired with Tavel rosé

Are you looking for a vegetable stew with seafood? This recipe has mussels and shrimp. This recipe was inspired by Green Gumbo, a New Orleans classic. But, since this episode is about connecting New World food to Africa, we’re going back a bit.

Wines: Prieure Montezargue Tavel Rose 2017 (fr) & Trinquevedel Tavel Rose 2019 (fr)

The mother dish for gumbo is dishes like Kontomire, a stew of pureed greens and other vegetables. It’s usually served with Fufu, a starchy dumpling.

I had Kontomire in Ghana almost 10 years ago now. But, I still remember how savory and satisfying it was. That’s the kind of flavor I’m going for today.

Today, I’m making a stew of peppers and onions and serve it with greens from the garden.


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