Hotelbeds signs global distribution partnership with Hopper  

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TravelTech company Hotelbeds has signed a new  strategic partnership to provide Hopper with access to its portfolio of 300,000 hotels across 195  countries. The agreement enables Hotelbeds to continue growing its business in the U.S. while opening up  new markets for Hopper, which is North America’s third largest online travel marketplace and  number one downloaded travel app. Data from the U.S. International Trade Administration reports  that total travel and tourism output was valued at $1.7 trillion in 2021.

“This new partnership will help us expand our footprint further in the dynamic U.S. market,” said  Carlos Muñoz, Hotelbeds Chief Commercial Officer. “Joining forces with Hopper – the world’s  fastest growing travel app – will also help us reach new client sectors, across both trade and  consumer segments.”

As a global B2B travel ecosystem player, Hotelbeds will enable Hopper to source more diverse  inventory for its customers. Hotelbeds’ booking platforms provide fast and reliable access to  properties across the world, including those in the luxury sector and more than 37,000 sustainable  hotels.

Hopper, meanwhile, is a travel agency, fintech provider, and e-commerce platform, powering the  Hopper app and partners’ direct channels. The Hopper app has more than 100 million downloads  and is predominantly used by Gen Z and millennials, with 70% of Hopper customers made up of  travellers under the age of 35.

“We’re proud to partner with Hotelbeds – a global, hotel contracting powerhouse,” said Dakota  Smith, President and Co-Founder of Hopper. “Ensuring that travellers have transparency and  optionality has always been at the core of Hopper’s offerings. Partnering with Hotelbeds will allow  us to supercharge our efforts in building a best-in-class global hotel supply network.”





The post Hotelbeds signs global distribution partnership with Hopper   appeared first on Travel Daily Media.

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